You know why the Flames lost? Two reasons. 1) The PP sucks. 2) The top players suck.

Everyone thought life was great after Calgary’s great win over Edmonton. Truth be told, we’re now six games into the new season and the top line (top players) have only produced in ONE of those six games. ONE. Jarome Iginla is ABSENT from this team. I hate to say it, the droves of fans are currently right, Oli Jokinen is playing TERRIBLY.

These so called star players are also pulling down the PP. Their regular strength play has hurt special teams.

Watch Detroit. Their PPs score, and they score quick. Why? TONS of movement. Calgary on the other hand sort of hangs around and moves in slow mo. When they do pass it’s telegraphed. When they do shoot it’s blocked. The lazy movements of the Flames start at the top and work their way down.

If it wasn’t for scoring from the third line the FLames would be 1-5. Tonight Backlund scored twice on the third line. Top line could hardly get anything going and were taken to task by Detroit’s top line.

Hate to say it, but the Flames are simply being outworked and their talent is significantly below the top tier teams. Sad because you’d think we have at least a competitive team, but right now the skill simply isn’t coming through for this hockey club.