So far this season the Flames are performing slightly above average. Their 4-3 record would indicate the same thing. Their top players putting up big points every other game legitimizes the record. Tonight the top two lines decided to play and the Flames came out on top.

Back to back games haven’t been kind to the Flames in the past, mostly due to the lack of a competent backup goalie. Well the Flames now have Carl Carlsson–I mean Henrik Karlsson in net. The nearly 7 foot tall goalie back stopped the Flames to a victory in Columbus to close out their road trip.


  1. anar

    Bourque and associates certainly burned the Jackets in great fashion!

    It had been hard work and determination by each and every member on ice that had earned the Calgary Flames with the mighty two points in a 6-2 victory last night. Alas, they would have rejuvenated their power play statistics, but a short handed tally from Bourque does suffice. Henrik Carlsson’s goal tending had been near perfect and he definitely stood tall for his team.. Great going Carlsson! Good to see Iginla, Jokinen, Regehr and Stajan earn multiple points!. What a team effort it was!!!

    Well done Flames! Good luck against the Sharks – No way Jose!

  2. Flaming Moe

    I really enjoyed the Flames work ethic the other night. It was really nice to see a team that I have called out a lot lately regarding their work ethic play such a high tempo and energizing hockey game. Keep it up boys as we will surprise a lot of people, myself included!