Well that was unexpected. The Flames, fresh off a 6-2 win against Columbus came back home to face the always tough San Jose Sharks. What most wondered was what kind of Flames team was going to show up. So far this season Calgary has been average at best, playing well won game and getting beat up the next.

But even without a full lineup, the Flames are starting to string together wins, and it’s not just the top line putting in their share of points.

Lines 1,2, and 4 all chipped in with goals, two from Rene Bourque who just scored a hat-trick last game against Columbus. All goals were scored in the first period.

SJ had no reply. Calgary, as a whole, dominated outright, with a particularly strong game put on by the forward units, all four lines.

Surprising? Yes. Frankly, if the Flames can put that effort in for 60 minutes every game we’ll be OK this season.

Sure, Jokinen could score, and Glencross (cause he’s done hitting posts), but really, at this pace the Flames will be a handful every night, and frankly that’s all we’ve been asking for.

Now if only Jarome Iginla would learn some dekes so he could score on breakaways….

Notes: Edmonton, bottom in the NW Division, come into town Tuesday.

Some may have noticed Miikka Kiprusoff’s insane celebration at the end of the game. Turns out the coach challenged him to out do Karlsson’s celebration at the end of the Columbus game….he did, emphatically :P