The Calgary Flames aren’t playing a lot of hockey this week, so it’s imperative that they find winning ways so they don’t have to dwell on a loss. An already fragile psyche doesn’t need any more problems….like the existing ineptitude to score goals.

Calgary didn’t get off to a great start, and for the first time in 10 games they gave up the first goal, on the PK no less. If it wasn’t for the heroics of Kiprusoff Calgary probably would’ve been down more than 1-0 after one period of play.

Not only were the likes of Staios and Sarich taking bad penalties, but the special teams play seemed to take over the game.

The refs had a knack tonight to miss obvious calls, called some weak ones, and toss in your usual hookings. That left Calgary shorthanded 5-3 twice. For much of the two first periods there was little 5v5 play which probably worked against the Flames.

Colorado took the early lead in the third period thanks to a 5v3 PP goal. That meant the Flames would have to come behind and….well, score goals.

All but the 1st lines were juggled (maybe they could use a shake up because Iginla still isn’t scoring goals). The third line, however, factored in heavily late in the game. Thank you Nik Hagman for getting the message–DRIVE TO THE NET!

The third line of Moss-Backlund-Hagman tied the game mid-way through t he third and later put the Flames up by one for the eventual GWG.

The 2nd line had Glencross on the LW. Not sure about that move, he had two goals, great, but also costly penalties.

Calgary can certainly build from this win but it’s going to take the type of effort they saw in the third period. 5v5 play was strong, and the goalie, as usual kept them in early. with Phoenix up next we’ll wait and see if they can add the most important component to their game–consistency.