Just when you think the Flames could get on a roll and get out of the bowels of the Western Division they pull another stinker. Consistency is the name of the game for this team, and they just don’t have it. When you look closer though, some glaring issues come to the fore front. The starts are terrible. Without a premier goalie who’s on the Flames would be out of games early and often.

But here’s the thing. Calgary actually has some solid scoring. take a look, our secondary and tertiary scoring is performing. It’s the topline, and in particular Jarome Iginla that are screwing this hockey team.

It’s that simple. Iginla is playing terrible hockey on all facets, a -4 tonite, and he’s not listening to anybody on adjusting his game to….well….score.

Against a Phoenix team that, let’s face it, the Flames should beat, Calgary dominated from about the mid-way point on. Phoenix had 4 shots in the third (They scored on two of them.)

A few posts, a couple lucky Pheonix goals, and yea, Calgary could’ve taken it tonite, but they didn’t.

Some bounces will help ignite Iginla, but I think at this point the problems are much much deeper. A trade probably isn’t the ticket either since return for the Flames will be zilche (or Sutter will figure out a way to screw it up.)

All we can as fans bank on is that Edmonton is still worse.

Notes: No time to rest, San Jose tomorrow and the Flames will probably lose that one since they get into San Jose around 3 AM and play at 7. Calgary got two quick goals at the end that made the score respectable, but the game was out of reach despite their effort.