Let me break down this game the way I saw it. I actually thought the Flames played a decent game. In fact, they should’ve won but bad luck truly stymied the team. I’ll get to my complaints about how horrific the officiating/diving was from the sad excuse of an NHL team Phoenix is later since it didn’t really factor into the final decision.

But back to the game. Calgary had 40 shots, Iginla was strong, and they had plenty of chances to score 3-4 goals. Phoenix scored one lucky goal off the goaline (Kipper is always slow for covering sharp angle shots, that’s the book on him), and another on the PP.

Calgary generally kept to their game plan until the phantom Jokinen 5 minute major.

Calgary didn’t capitalize on their chances and Phoenix got lucky. I wouldn’t say the FLames generated a boon of scoring chances, they didn’t, but they certainly played much better than the past. I feel like November December could be crucial. Well actually that’s obvious. If the Flames don’t win on the next road trip it’s literally game over, period.

Again, consistency is still an issue. There were times in the second were I was fast forwarding through the PVR so I wouldn’t have to watch the nonsensical neutral zone play.

As a whole offense is still needed but I saw some good signs tonight. Admittedly Glencross is never going to be the answer for a 2nd line winger and Stajan and Jokinen are generating squat.

Now about Phoenix. Man alive, I’ve never seen a coach bitch as much as Dave Tippet. He should be embarrassed with himself and his hockey club. The dives and expressions on players who get soft checks were nuts! It’s a blight on the game. I would be bitchy too if nobody came to my games (among the lowest attendance in the league), but really!? Please do’nt take a dive to draw penalties pretending you got shot when you play the very next shift.

This Phoenix team was an abomination on ice. Did Wolski really get a stick in the jaw? No, but he dove like he did and Jokinen gets 5 minutes. (Someone confirm this one for me It appears Jokinen did get high, but now the question is why would he do something so stupid. Wolski was on the next shift, however). Did Glencross really throw a dirty check on Yandel or was he just complaining? Totally and completely clean but Phoenix needed to complain and the rookie ref made the calls.

Rant over.

The fact remains Calgary lost yet again and they are falling further into last place (if only the Oilers started winning).