What do you get when you put two of the most boring hockey teams together in the same room? Boring hockey. Aptly summed up in this tweet:

@DarrenZed I think the #Flames and #Devils are in the midst of setting back the #NHL a decade or so.

Actually, the game wasn’t that boring, and Calgary did well to control the play. Much like they did against NY last night. The problem? Scoring. Plenty of chances, again, just like last night, but finishing is an issue. Someone tell Tanguay to buy some new sticks cause he had a few open nets but flubbed on the shots.

Henrik Karlsson got the start in net and faced 20 shots thru 3 periods and OT. He made some key saves in OT to keep the Flames in it, but the story remains–>NO SCORING!

No scoring, low scoring, whatever you want to call it, the Flames won’t win, and will remain a bottom basement team if they don’t figure out a way to pot some goals (note the plural.)

Stupid penalties and giveaways from Glencross would also help the Flames maintain some momentum.

Nothing really to blog about, Flames suck. Their style sucks, it’s still the pre 2005 lock-out era dump and chase garbage. Yes we have some better players, but consistency remains the problem. 14th place in the NW division is abysmal and if this team loses the next two you can pretty write off the entire season. Sad fans have to ingest garbage hockey. Since I”m on a rant let me point out it’s not money, we have all the cash (over the cap), we just have idiots running the show.