Massive Loss: 7-2 v. Canucks

Ok, so we know the economy for the past few years in Calgary has been better than anywhere else in the country. For that we get endless fans from other cities. Tonight, Vancouver Canucks fans came out of the woodworks, and Calgary fans has zero answer. Honestly, don’t go to hockey games if you can’t cheer. Having said that, i would be among the lame fans tonight as the home team gave nothing to cheer about.

It’s disheartening to watch your team confirm all negative assessments. As a whole, the Flames are a bunch of under achieving and overpaid hockey players who are stuck in a system/regime that’s lost in 2004.

Other teams have rebuilt in the new NHL. Not Calgary. Just look what happens when we play the likes of Vancouver, Pittsburgh, etc. It’s not pretty, and it won’t get better.

Can you remember a team that’s been worse? Is this the ‘Young Guns’ era all over again?

The bad news is Calgary is exceeding their cap, meaning teams are better, have better players, perhaps more talent, and they are paying LESS.

Tonight Calgary had no answer for the flying Canucks. As a whole the Flames can’t keep up, you can blame it partially on talent, some on system, some on desire.

What’s your take? What’s gone South for Calgary? No goals from Jokinen, Stajan, and Moss? That’d help. The ‘one a game’ stupid penalty from Glencross? What needs to be done to save this team?