Who’s fault is it if a team’s not prepared for games? The captain? The coach? The players? There are no answers to this pathetic hockey team. Either the Flames are really THIS bad, or they don’t really care to show up to games.

Coming into tonight’s contest they were only four points out of 8th. Really, it’s not THAT huge. But you have to win games to make up points. The Flames had 12 shots through two periods. Sure they turned it on in the third, but HOCKEY is a game of SIXTY minutes. Duh.

The schedule right now is perhaps the easiest for the rest of the year. If the Flames don’t make hay then pack it in (well, maybe it’s already done)…..

Calgary really had no business being in the game. Kipper absolutely stole the show in the first period, and the Flames got tons of lucky bounces in the second.

All in all, a terrible game, which is to be expected from this hot and cold club. Hot and cold leads to one thing: an early end to the season.

PS Drew Doughty is a great hockey player, but when you embellish penalties you embarrass yourself and the game. Shame.