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So here we are 30 games into the Flames regular season, under .500 at 12-15-3. Not exactly the start we were all promised, or expecting at the beginning of the season. So what exactly do we have here?

The positives:

Giordano: Hands down the most consistent player on the team so far.  He is second in the league for blocked shots with 79. Obviously leading the Flames with that number, second on the Flames is Regehr with 41. This is the guy that took a puck to the face, stitches inside and outside of his mouth and came back and played over 20 minutes in the same game. He has been nothing but amazing so far and gives us at least a little something good after each game.

Kipper: Kipper has been his own amazing self and if you follow me on twitter you know that I pray to him every night so that he continues to amaze us. 30 games in and he has already had quite a few highlight reel saves including the most recent against LA.

His numbers may not be the top of the league but he is the reason that the Flames aren’t worse. He gives them a chance every night but when he’s the only one playing, that’s not exactly going to win games.

Karlsson: or as he should now be known ninja goalie! We finally have a decent back-up for miikka and to top it all off he has a personality that is missing from this team, someone extremely likable and that shows emotion. Every save he is happy!  Every goal he lets in, even during practice, which I have been fortunate enough to see, he is livid. It is very refreshing to see. Welcome to the ‘Calgary Tower’!

Tanguay: best part of July first. Has completely played up to what he is being paid. I have nothing bad to say about that signing!

The ok:

Glencross: or scoreface, which is THE most epic nickname in the NHL, has been very good. His downfall is extremely stupid penalties. He is a hard worker and enjoyable to watch but takes penalties at the wrong time and doesn’t always have the hands to finish, but still has been very good this year.

Moss: When he is on, he is on. Front net on the PP creating the screen. He plays much bigger than he actually is and that was the spot he was in when he had his 20 goal season. When he is back there he is good. Healthy scratching him 2 games in a row is not the way to do that. Yes 3 bad penalties in a game was bad, but compared to others he hasn’t been that bad.

The just plan bad:

Jokinen: Should never, ever, have been resigned. You traded him for a reason, why bring him back? He floats around the ice doing nothing productive and the majority of the time you notice him its for a stupid mistake like blatantly turning over the puck. The most frustrating aspect of this team by far. I personally cringe when he has the puck. You will never find me saying something positive about this boy.

PP: excuse my language. Plain s&^t. No other way to describe it. 8.4% eight point four percent! That is pathetic! It has gotten to the point where they should just say “no we’ll just stay 5-on-5 thanks”. Nothing good happens on the Flames PP.

The getting better:

Jarome: he is getting out of his “beginning of the year” slump. I don’t want to say too much but he has been looking like the old Iggy in these last few games.

Bourque: started off really well, became invisible for a while, but is getting back to his normal self. He can change the pace of a game when he is on. Lets just hope he continues to do so.

The reason this team is so frustrating this year is because of the inconsistency. They are an extremely frustrating team to watch; you never know which team your going to get the pleasure of seeing that night. That is basically what the last 30 games has been. I could make a little blurb and categorize each player in these categories but those are the main and most important ones. Now we must decide if there needs to be a change.

Over a 3rd of the way through the season do we fire Darryl? Fire Brent? Trade someone?  We can fantasize all we want but the truth is we don’t know what is going to happen. We are just the loyal fans that watch night in and night out hoping that our team pulls through. I’ve found alcohol help deal with them but that probably isn’t the healthiest way. We need a change and the Flames management needs to decide if the are going to keep going with this “we’re still a competing team” bullshit or commit to a rebuild. Either way something needs to be done.

There is my rant. Hopefully I’ll be posting on here more and for all my random musings during Flames games and the rest of the time, follow me on twitter I’m a little addicted.