Calgary has 7 games before December comes to a close and they are all against beatable teams. Trouble is Calgary can’t string together wins. Maybe this energetic win will put the FLames on a roll? We can only hope because anything less pretty much means the season is a dud.

Calgary still suffers from their inconsistencies. Some hockey complex plagues this team that prevents them from playing meaningful games for 60 minutes. I can count on one hand how many complete games this team has played.

Tonight Jarome Iginla lead the way by opening the scoring in the first, and scoring the OT winner. But in between the first and OT periods Calgary lost their edge.

Two different teams showed up between periods. Special teams continue to be a sore spot, this time giving up a short handed goal.

We can expect Calgary to continue the push, lead by their captain. I surmise Stajan will get back into th elineup against Toronto Thursday.

Until then, the rest of us will sit on egg shells and bank on this team pulling through with victories.