Supposedly a crucial game, the Flames exhibited why all non-Flames pundits laughed at the team before the season started. I prefer to laugh at Minnesota, but the team with a bunch of no names continually beats on the Flames.

The Wild have the most boring hockey in the league. The city should lose their squad because of a ‘detriment’ of the game clause (if only one existed). But you can’t make fun of any team that you can’t beat.

The pathetic Flames are symbolically out of the playoffs. There’s essentially no chance this team will go anywhere but sideways.

Sure, the Flames out chanced and out shot the Wild. But they ran into a hot goalie, coupled with their inability to finish.

Also, yet again, for the 18th year in a row, the Flames have ZERO powerplay.

Minnesota on the other hand, beat up 5v5, had TWO PP goals. Calgary had four chances, nothing,barely a shot.

I’m shocked Calgary has never had a special teams coach or accountability around special teams. It’s easy to measure YOU DON”T SCORE.

Calgary is done. Time to shed some players….oh wait, we have nobody anybody else wants because our GM is stuck in pre-lockout NHL lala land.

You know what I want for Christmas? For the Flames to go far far away.