I don’t remember the ’90’s Flames that well personally, but from what I do know I’m thinking the Flames team then started out the way this team today’s team is. This year’s Calgary Flames are like the guy that put you in the friend zone. A tease. (Yes I know my hockey but I am still a girl, that is my example)

Every night, I watch or listen and it looks promising but more times than not I am left disappointed. There are usually a few little things that you can pick out that went well like “this [insert player here] was fantastic tonight! Why didn’t he score?” or, lately, more often than not they play great, like a real NHL team again for about 40 minutes, let a goal in or take a stupid penalty and just give up! It’s when this happens that you think, “this team is really old.” So. What now?

We have one game left before Christmas and three games left in 2010. We have a record of 14-18-3. Second last in the North West (barely beating Edmonton) and 14th in the West (once again barely beating Edmonton). I am at the point where I don’t know what to think about this team anymore. If the only positive we have is the fact that we’re beating Edmonton, that is kind of sad. We should be able to beat Edmonton easily no matter what! That’s the Calgary mantra! If you can think of any positive things about this season I will be the first one to listen but at this point I am at a loss. Also has anyone noticed that Dallas has snuck into the top spot in the west… mind-boggling.

Recently, in my end of semester desktop clean up, I found something I wrote at the end of last season. In this 1236 word thing I wrote after they were officially eliminated from the playoffs I said a lot of the same things that I am thinking now. My positives then were:

This year I have been really happy with a select few this season those being:

Kipper, he has had a hell of a season and the only reason that he isn’t in the running for the Vezina is because the team in front of him wasn’t so good so his numbers aren’t the best

Gio, he has steadily improved all season. I have had nothing bad to say about him all year

Nystrom, even though he doesn’t play a lot you know when he is playing. He makes himself known when he’s on the ice and the fact that his numbers were pretty good this year (11 goals 8 assists) doesn’t hurt at all

Glencross, I hope he is better. He is such a consistent player. You miss him when he isn’t playing. Him being injured was a huge blow to the team


Pardy, I thought he was solidly improving also but we had to many players and because he is the cheapest and the youngest he gets the short end of the stick and gets benched. Its really not fair to him, but that being said next year will be his year.

The only differences in this list now are the fact that Nystrom is no longer on the team, Bourque has his moments but has been invisible most nights and Pardy has been injured for most of the season but I still believe he has more potential, which probably means he’s going to get traded soon. Nothing has really changed and 2010 has been a rough year for the Flames and the fans. So here is my wish.

Dear Santa,

I know the Flames may not have been very good this year, but me along with thousands of other Flames fans have so for Christmas I would like:

A new GM – please. It’s time for a change and even though we have had a few good years with Darryl in charge, but it is now abundantly clear that it is time for a change.

After you have taken care of that if you think we have been good enough another fantastic present would be a new president. Mr. King is so far up Darryl’s a$$ that he can go also.

If you can come through on any of this I would be eternally grateful and stop continuing to spread this around the Internet

Love always,


And if Santa can’t come through this Christmas, the Flames organization better have some pretty hefty New Years Resolutions for 2011…

So lets look at what those should be shall we.

Bourque – has to be more consistent. Skating around aimlessly for games on end and then showing up to score a shootout goal isn’t going to cut it if this team is going to get anywhere.

Glencross – use his anger about being benched and his work ethic to his advantage and start finishing his scoring chances. I think it can be done.

Jokinen – should volunteer to go play in Finland.

I am now going on vacation until January 4th and by the time I get back I would LOVE it if something in this organization has changed. Something needs to be done and it needs to be down now. Just give in and decide if your going to rebuild or not, we (the fans) can take it I swear! Just tell us!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hopefully we will have something better to talk about in 2011!