If there was a game the Flames deserved to win and did it was this one. Why is it that Calgary can beat the #2 team in the West, yet they fall to Minnesota twice? There’s mathematical hope the team can make the playoffs, but they have to go about .700 the rest of the way. Not likely. Too bad because when they put in efforts like tonight you get the feeling the team could go places.

Mind you, they didn’t really generate that many quality scoring chances, but they did outshoot Dallas 33-16. That’s a huge margin. (It did help to have Kipper come up huge in OT though….)

Props to the captain who came out firing, mostly with his fists.

Either Iginla is an idiot for throwing away his helmet, or Benn is a coward for not taking off his, not sure which.

Anyways, see you all after Christmas, maybe the Flames will go on a 10 game win streak. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Merry Christmas