Calgarians know one thing: the Flames NHL hockey team is an embarrassment to the city. Coming off a four game win streak the team showed promise to just maybe claw back into the playoff race by February. The problem? Calgary can’t beat bottom basement dwellers, we’re talking teams miles worse (in the standings) than the Flames–that’s saying a lot.

Tonite, the NYI top line contributed for 3 goals. That’s basically two guys that made every Flame look like a moron on skates. Scoring on the other hand for Calgary consists of a multi-point game yet again from forth line. A bunch of pluggers with heart keep on scoring for the Flames. Too bad the rest of the team doesn’t share in the same sentiment.

They live up to the bill folks: the Calgary Flames are an overpriced and overpaid bunch of underperforming hockey players.

Take note Flames fans. The top line for the NYI had tons of youth. They made our D look stupid repeatedly. Calgary’s ONLY prospect was demoted earlier this week. Chalk another FAIL up for the Sutter regime.

Notes: Yesterday the Calgary Flames sentt centre Mikael Backlund has been assigned to the Abbotsford Heat (AHL). Defensemen Brendan Mikkelson has also been sent to Abbotsford for a conditioning assignment.