Just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore sad this happens. Calgary played a pretty solid game, but little elements of their game creeped up to haunt them. Most notably, the inability to finish scoring chances.

On the flip side, one thing you rarely hear said is this: Flames lose because of shaky goaltending.

Despite an early lead, in fact up by two goals, Calgary found ways to lose. Giving up three soft goals (unheard of) didn’t help. Sure, Giordano tipped two of them, but Kipper needs to make a save or two. Has the guy given up in net? He saves 1 of those three bad bad goals and it’s a Calgary win.

But that’s the thing> there’s no more ‘could’ve been’ or ‘should’ve been’. The fact is this team can’t string together wins and finds new ways to lose.

Look for a trade soon, just to show the team that the time has come to move on….

Notes: Kostopoulos will likely get a suspension for his hit on Stewart. Even though nobody likes Stewart you can’t blast through some dudes head. Stewart left with a broken jaw. Not sure why he weas even on the top line for a period or two…..