I’m going to do this post-game in point form cause frankly I’m too lazy to write anything coherent about a team that shows glimpses of competence but does more than enough to bury any hope of making the post-season. Sad since we have HALF the season left, yet the likes of Kiprusoff and, well the entire defense tonight, have already given up.

– Speaking of Kiprusoff, he’s been pretty average lately, but you have to unfortunately give him credit, three goals in the past two games were off of Giordano.
– Speaking of Giordano, he’s been pretty average lately, and you don’t have to give him credit for anything, he hasn’t been good which is odd considering he’s usually pretty consistent.

– Great start by the FLames, but then again, they always have great portions of games, they just can’t complete a full portion.
– Usually one or two players are always out to lunch, tonite it was Pardy and Jokinen. The latter gave up the puck for the third goal.
– Carolina with FOUR unanswered goals in the first to second, just really terrible defense from Pardy, Backlund, and I don’t know how, but Kotalik was -3.
– Iginla had a good game, wish we could find a real center, but then again that’s been th ename of the game for the past 10 years.
– Glencross could’ve had a few goals, but he has no finish. Good game, one goal, could have been two or three.
– Bourque with good PK, but we don’t pay him to rag time off the clock, we pay him to score, which he’s uninterested in doing these days. Sure he scored his first in what, 9 games? But he was a liability throughout.
– Kipper simply left the game after getting the yank in the second. He didn’t even go back to the bench. I guess I’d be pissed too if Giordano kept getting his stick in the way. But honestly, a bit of a drama queen.
– Karlsson made a dazzling save in OT.
– Jokinen missed a wide WIDE


open net in the third.
– Bouwmeester, the seven million dollar man, puts up big minutes, and guess what?! Has four, count em, FOUR goals now. <-- sarcasm.Basically Calgary doesn't deserve two points, they roared back, but they are paid to win games, not tie every other one. Really simple.Notes: Karlsson likes to fist pump to himself after big saves, Cam Ward made sure to mock him after he won the game. Congrats Jarome Iginla for his 500th assist and for being named to his 6th NHL All-Star game.