This is going to be short. We just witnessed possibly the most boring game of the year. I actually fell asleep in the second period and didn’t miss anything. (this is how I started writing this with about 20 seconds left in the game). Then Kotalik took a stupid penalty and the Leafs woke up and tied it up.

Lets go back to the beginning though. The first period was exceptionally slow! Gio and Scoreface were the only ones that had some life. This team definitely looked like a team that was on the second night of a back to back. Luckily the Leafs were back to their normal slugglish selves so they were unable to take advantage of our slow start or Bourques stupid penalty. Made for a boring game but at least we weren’t losing. Miikka also seems to be back, not “stealing the game” back but the solid reliable goaltender we know and love. I fell asleep for the second and from twitter recaps and pure common sense, nothing happened. The third started off at the same pace as the rest of the game until there was about 6 minutes left and scoreface gets shoved out of the way in from of the net and Stajan sneaks in and scores to make it 1-0 Flames. This woke everyone up including myself and the Leafs sadly. I think when Stajan scored we all had a bit of a “Stajan really? but wow good for him finally” kind of moment. After 6 minutes of hockey that actually looked like hockey the Leafs scored to tie it up with 13 seconds left. Poor Miikka no shutout (I’m still trying to find someone to blame about that).

SO… nothing was answered in the first 60 minutes yet again. This is happening to much lately my heart and my liver can’t take it! Then another 5 minutes and nothing. Good hockey finally but nothing to show for it.

To the shoot out we go.

First shooter: Bourque. WHY? thats all I want to know. He played like crap. He hasn’t scored in the previous 3 shootouts. There is no logical reason he should be out there.

Second: Tangs. The boy is good in a shootout! and he came through once again.

Third: Kotalik. This time he does what he’s good at and slapped it! Finally we have found something this guy can do other than entertain us with “the kotalik song” when he scores.

Fourth. Jokinen. I don’t think its a secret that I can’t stand Jokinen. There was a lot of yelling at the tv when he skated out to take a shot but much to my amazement he won us the game. He still sucks don’t worry.

So that was basically the game. Nothing, nothing, nothing until the last 10 or so minutes of the game. Extremely boring but 2 points and a win none the less.

My favourite player tonight was Pardy. The boy stepped up in a big way tonight! He ended up playing just over 25 minutes and didn’t look flustered like he has in the past when he plays over 20 minutes. He isn’t exactly a Regehr replacement but he definitely held his own. I was very proud of him tonight. My point on this is that CBC just because Jokinen scores the GWG doesn’t mean he deserves to be the first star.