Trade deadline 2011 is here!

It’s weird, two months ago we would’ve seen this day as a sell off of Flames asset. Today we see a team struggling for a playoff position and an acting-GM who doesn’t want to mess with the existing chemistry. That’s a tougher position than an all out sell off like Ottawa’s doing.

Nonetheless, follow our tweets @flamesstamps for the latest updates regarding Calgary Flames trades and rumors.

Updated additions after the jump.

We can be sure Feaster won’t make a splash like Sutter was known for (JOkinen! Jokinen again!)

Update: 10:00AM

Waiver wire claim.

Calgary Acquires Brett Carson off of waivers from Carolina

A young minor league defensemen with ties to the Calgary Hitmen. Feaster wanted to shore up the D but instead of a vet he got another Mikkelson…. His stats

2008-2009 Hurricanes
5 games four points
2009-2010 Hurricanes
5 4games 12 points
2010-201113 Games 4 points

Calgary also picked up Fredrik Modin late at the deadline. Apparently it’s cool to stock up on washed up LWs (Kotalik, Modin, Hagman).

Feaster obviously has history with Modin from his time in Tampa, but that was SEVEN years ago. HE hasn’t scored more than 10 goals since 2007. Will Modin bring enough to help the Flames? And who will drop out of the lineup to make room for him?

Modin Stats: He has 10 points in 36 games this season…….*sigh*