Calgary surprisingly has a number of 20+ goal scorers from unlikely players, ones you do’nt expect to score, Moss, Glencross, Jackman. There are games then where you get waht you expect, a Flames that can’t do much other than whiff shots at the net.

Calgary couldn’t score, couldn’t create worthy chances, didn’t throw any hits, and labored through their second game in as many nights.

For a terrible Phoenix crowd (Again the rink was 2/3 empty, just like every game because Bettman thinks it’s better for the NHL???) they got their money’s worth watching a boring Phoenix team and an equally lazy Calgary squad.

The talk of the game would be Phoenix netminder Bryzgalov, who beat out Karlsson in a rare start. Enough with the praise, although Calgary over 35 shots on net, very few were quality chances, and when he was beat, the post came in to save the day (once).

Calgary suffers from lack of scoring, and when they stop skating, like today, they get caught up in a loss.

Calgary can like their wounds and prepare for another loss, against Vancouver Saturday. Yea, I know, bad attitude, but the Flames haven’t found their game after the loss to Morrison, and don’t seem to be interested in paying the price (at least that was the case tonight.)

I don’t mind being wrong, but if the Flames lose two in a row (which they probably will) they are literally out of a playoff position. That’s how tight it is, two losses means no playoffs.

Let’s hope the team figures out how to score, taking nights off is unfortunately not a luxury they can afford.

Notes: One can expect Staios to take a seat next game, he’s a liability lately. Stajan continues to stink out the joint with his inability to score a single goal. He has 5 on the season. Terrible.