The Herald is reporting that Glencross has signed a deal reported to be worth about 2.55 million a season. The signing means the Calgary Flames secured their third line winger who occasionally played up and certainly overachieved this year with over 20 goals. Is $2.55 the right money for Glencross?

A couple things to consider. Players who score 20 goals can typically expect about what Glencross received, if not more. The question will be can the banner year be repeated? Glencross showed signs of promise this past year, but to sign someone long term, perhaps with a no-trade-clause (yet another one) means things could go awry a la ‘Matt Stajan’.

If you wish to be reminded, Stajan will earn 4 million this year to do nothing. Glencross, albeit at a lesser amount, will now have the microscope to contend with this upcoming season. What are your thoughts? 2.55 too much for 43 points once?

The other question remains: what has really changed with the Flames? Or a better question, what CAN change?

Too many players with no-trade clauses, and already they’re up against the cap.

No wiggle room, no changes, does that mean no playoffs? Too soon to tell?