***As of 9AM MST this deal is official. Only change is a 2nd rounder goes to Buffalo. A clear cut salary dump necessary to resign Tanguay to his 5 year deal.***

After days of speculation (who leaks these things anyways?) media reports are still humming and hawing about a possible deal that sees Robyn Regehr waive his no-move clause. Earlier this week the rumor started flying that the Flames had worked out a deal with Buffalo.

This evening during the draft live on TSN Feaster confirmed the Flames’ request but noted Regehr hadn’t made a decision. We’re hearing now late that the deal is done. No official confirmation from either team. What we know is this: the players involved are most certainly part of the deal, but the deal is not official and has a chance of falling through.

*Add Jun 25th, Feaster on the deal*


According to Bob Mackenzie the deal (last night) looked like this:

When, or if, deal is done, hearing Paul Byron, Chris Butler and 2nd is what BUF will send to CGY for Regher/Kotalik. Not yet official

Regehr and Kotalik and a second rounder for a prospect centerman, and a depth defenceman. Sounds like a salary dump, which is fine as it frees up over 4 million to sign another player (Tanguay?).

Regehr will be missed, but the new NHL has taken its toll on the slow but steady d-man. How Feaster scammed Kotalik to go the other way is beyond me, but don’t be surprised if Kotalik scores 20 goals this season. Ok, be moderately surprised, but I would’ve preferred Matt ‘the Ragin’ Stajan to head out instead.

In return Calgary gets another draft pick, Byron who’s a young centerman, and Butler who’s another depth defenceman (cause apparently we don’t have enough of those with Carson, Pardy (offer tendered), Babchuk (offer tendered), possibly Mikkelson, TJ Brodie in the minors, and now Butler.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings, hopefully some more big moves.

Speaking of big moves, SJ was rumored to be in the mix for Regehr but no formal deal hit the rumor mill. Later on draft Friday the Sharks traded recently (as in yesterday) signed Devan Setoguchi and two first rounders (last year’s pick and this year’s pick) to Minnesota for Brett Burns. Now, Burns may be an upgrade on Regehr, but I wonder if the FLames were in the Setoguchi discussions…..