Welcome to the Young Gun Years! Looks like Flames fans are now faced with the inevitable, a solid 5 years of hardship with players fat off of million dollar paycheques they don’t deserve coasting through a season.

Fans like me love the Calgary Flames. We hate this stupid team. There are next to no redeeming qualities. The likes of Jarome Iginla, Backlund, Tanguay, Glencross, Bourque, Stempniak, all of these jokers lack consistency. Iginla can’t even get a shot on net let alone score. Backlund has zero points in all of his games. Tanguay can’t stop passing, Bourque can’t even pass. Yes, this pathetic season isn’t even half way through but the FLames have thrown in the towel.

Maybe fans should too? Why not. After all, who wants to follow a team of losers.

We’ll continue covering the squad, but only to pick apart what will be the future. In the meantime, it’s time to jettison the deadweight from coaching all the way to all stars and down to the 4th line ranks.

Sure, the Flames sort of put up a good fight in St Louis tonight, but who cares. They couldn’t score. Posts don’t count. 4 shots in the second period when you’re down by 1 is a disgrace.

Every game it seems I’m typing out the same words: pathetic, embarrassing, disgrace, lazy, etc. It would be nice to put down: win, goals, hard work……

Notes: Blake Comeau, who did look pretty good, was claimed off of waivers and joined the team. He’ll plug a gap left by Byron, who according to Feaster wil be back ‘very soon’. Who will be dropped? PL3 or Stajan most likely.