Maybe it was the national audience, but apart from the first 3 minutes, the Calgary Flames dominated the Edmonton Oilers in all facets of the game. This is the FLames team fans expected to see out of the gate. Dominant, fast, scoring…. Pretty typical of a winning team, but the Flames haven’t won with regularity this year. Maybe this is the push they need to attempt another late rush for the playoffs?

Special Teams Shine

YOu know it’s a good night when both special teams are performing. The powerplay was 2 for 3. One goal early in the first to stop the bleeding from two lucky Oilers goals, and another late in the third to give the FLames the lead and eventual win.

Jarome Iginla must read the blog because his three assists lead the Flames to victory. He looked sharp and focused. Although some may call for his skin (myself included, although I stop short of a trade) his value here is probably more than what can come back in return.

Rene Bourque continues his solid play with great scoring chances (Flames should’ve scored a few in the second) and throwing his body around. If the entire team continues on the same page then we may be seeing a resurgent Flames before Christmas.

We’ll find out really quick as the team heads to Vancouver for a game tomorrow night. Expect Karlsson to get the start.

Notes: Joe Piskula got into his first game as a Flames. He seemed a step behind mind you. Derek Smith with his second gola in three games. Jay Bouwmeester earned his paycheck cashing in on nearly 30 minutes of ice time. That’s double shifting pretty much the entire game!