Why does Florida have two NHL teams? I digress.

Calgary stunk out the joint again against a team that’s won one game in the past 9 (or maybe it’s seven but it doesn’t really matter). We can only hope the Lightning don’t make the playoffs so the 1-3-1 system can die, but the Flames play at 75% of their system and won’t be in the playoffs either.

Calgary can only mount attacks in spurts separated by full periods. At times the offence is stymied and their lines are lost, at other times they’re dominant. Why they insist on turning ‘it’ on and off is anybody’s guess. There are spurts of solid play, but 65% of a 60 minute hockey game means you lose more than you win. Calgary lost tonight because they got out hit, out worked, out scored, everything, for most of the game. Sure they tied it up, but too little too late.

Give the Flames some credit they did play hard for spurts which gave them one point. But their game was missing pieces–the mistake for this club that needs points against average teams. The PP may have clicked but to repeat the same point over and over again, Calgary needs everyone on board for 60 minutes, 45 minutes won’t do or you’ll get the outcome we saw tonight, last game, the game before that, the game before that……

Too bad, because the team was playing well in the last 8 games but they quickly forgot and just like that the team sits at the bottom of the league. Another loss coming down the pipe in Florida tomorrow. Call me a pessimist I guess.