Rene Bourque Dragging Team Down

**Upcoming rant on Bourque, don’t read if you think he’s a great hockey player.**

The Calgary Flames are spiraling downward at a pace that will put the season hopes out of reach by next week. Their inability to even generate shots on goal (paltry 19 tonight) make their play frustrating to watch, but even worse when it comes to generating much needed wins.

Leading the pack in pathetic play is none other than ice cold REne Bourque. I along with other thought that Kelly Hurdeys national call-out of Bourques play was a bit out of line, but given his recent play Bourque could use another reminder. He’s single handedly draggin the team down coasting on every shift, never passing the puck, and taking stupid penalties for no reason that end up hurting the team.

Bourque started the penalty parade 1 minute. Ovechkin promptly scored. He coasted throughout and finished the evening -1. He also had a ridiculous elbowing penalty in the third for again, no apparent reason.

This is the issue. Calgary fans put in millions per game in ticket sales to the point Calgary sits in the top five for league franchises. The product on ice, however, is abysmal. It’s a disgrace to the city that management can’t be bothered to build a useful team, and even more embarrassing that the players collect millions to do nothing.

Either TRADE Bourque or BENCH him. Of course Sutter won’t do the benching, he gives Bourque more ice-time. And a trade for a lazy hockey player just isn’t in the cards. So that means we’re stuck watching this sack of pucks coast around for another couple years of losing season.