World Juniors: Canada 5 – Russia 6

It was almost another storybook comeback for team Canada who dropped to 1-6 going into the third period. The World Junior Canadian team abandoned their gameplan and were punished by Russian scoring. Maybe it was the curse of the Calgary Flames in the Saddledome, maybe it was shoddy refereeing, but Canada won’t be taking Gold and it hurts.

Team Canada went down early and looked out of sorts. First three goals were off Murphy, Canadian defenceman victimized four times on the night. Not that he was on the ice, but the puck literally careened off this stick.

Some will call into question the referring in this game. Although they missed a blatant major for running the goalie after the Russian’s 4th goal, and that was definitely a soft ‘spear’, but otherwise it was fair and not the reason why Canada dropped this one.

The Canadians will lick their wounds and try in the bronze medal game, but nobody will care because third in the hockey world is not even the first loser, so very very bad.

Better luck next year, but thanks for a great series.