The largely ineffective Nik Hagman had the last laugh in the shoot-out, in the 8th round no less, to sink the Flames in a game where they NEEDED two points. I suppose every game is a MUST-WIN, but it becomes more apparent when you’re playing bottom basement dwelling teams of which the Flames have a complete inability to beat.

Anaheim itself has been the bane of the Calgary Flames existence, they haven’t won there in now 14 contests.

Flames Hang Kipper Out

Kiprusoff had a chance to hit victory #300 (with the crappy FLames no less) tonight with a win.

A lazy start by the Flames put that victory in doubt. Blown coverage lead to goal #1. A tip in front of the net dropped the Flames 0-2 before the first frame was done.

To their credit Calgary clawed back with timely goals, the final tying goal, his 20th of the season by Iginla, came on a 5 minute PP. Jackman took a helmet to the head and the ensuing penalty was illegal blow to the head. The league probably won’t review the incident, but in today’s head sensitive NHL the penalty made sense.

For their part the PK unit killed of an extended 5v3 and 4 minute high sticking penalty after which you had the sense Calgary would return to tie the game (scoring just after their penalty was over for their first goal.)

If the teams had played the entire game like they did in the third period the largely Calgary friendly crowd would’ve been thoroughly entertained. Chances were exchanged in end to end rushes, but nothing was solved in the third or in extra time.

That meant a shoot out. The big guns came out firing but only Jokinen could score. The book on Hiller should really be he’s slow in lateral movement. Any goalie on his game would’ve been scored on multiple times but because HIller was slow moving across his crease he inadvertently svaed at least 3 Flames chances. On the other end Kiprusoff gave his team chance after chance to take two points but NOBODY wanted to score.

No hero tonight and a point lost against a team where two points should be a lock. Things aren’t going to get any easier against SJ Wednesday.