Flames Drop Point in Dallas: Calgary 2 – Dallas 3 (SO)

Flames Drop Point in Dallas: Calgary 2 – Dallas 3 (SO)

Dallas is another one of those sad teams that struggles to even fill half the arena on any given night. They have no business having a franchise but the Gary Bettman expansion put a team in the middle of Texas. Thankfully, that does benefit the league since garbage players like Ott, Riberio, and Robidas. Ott is your typical under your skin player, but Riberio and Robidas? I don’t know why those players need to epitomize garbage players. And otherwise exciting game was tipped in Dallas’ favour by a beautiful Robidas embellishment. What was otherwise an exciting game to watch was marred by these *insert expletive here* players.

Calgary had a chance to own sole spot of 8th place with a win and a Pheonix loss. Instead they are now three points out of the final playoff spot after their loss and a Phoenix win. A good point given their injury situation, but an ominous lack of scoring that’s rearing its ugly head.

What was more evident in this game compared to Toronto two nights before was the lack of scoring. Calgary is truly a one line team and it’s becoming apparent that may end up killing us sooner rather than later. We can’t get some players back from sick bay soon enough.

As for Dallas, they continue to lose players (Benn out with a laceration to his leg) and won’t factor into the playoff picture this year. That’s going to disappoint all 12 Dallas Stars fans.

The Flames need someone to step up to the plate that’s not on the top line. Right now nobody wants to fill in the gaps, but that kind of makes sense given it’s a team of minor leaguers, 4th liners, or waiver pickups after the top line.

We’ll see what happens in LA on Saturday. We can expect much of the same though. Hopefully the Flames will shore up their defensive mistakes and take two points.

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  1. Wow. At least here in Dallas we know what kind of team we have. We may or may not make the playoffs, and we can accept that. We have new coach, ownership and for all intensive purposes, player core. But what a sad sack of sore losing, self-entitled crap. You lost. You’re going to miss the playoffs…again…ALSO. Don’t be mad that our aging center completely undressed your front two and blasted a shot passed your AARP poster boy of a goalie. Put your big boy hockey pants on and reload against Toronto.

    1. I absolutely hate players that display such utter disrespect for the game. Diving is a pete peve and I hate seeing embellishments. The two players who routinely engage are Robidas and Riberio and whichever team they play for I’ll despise. The loss is a loss, Flames didn’t deserve to win.

  2. Because I remember when the Flames were good.. Oh wait no.. I was still in my moms belly when they won their sole championship. Get over yourself. You got out-shot, out-played and lost. Sincerely, one of the “twelve fans”

  3. The Stars seemed more hungrier to win than did the Flames; and with the exception of the last few minutes of the third, there was no intensity last night…..i.e.they were behind in shots on goal; won fewer face offs; lacked their powerplay abilities or maintain their penalty killing statistics. On an optimistic note, at least they managed a point but can they get anywhere further if this dismal performance perseveres?.

    Subsequently, fans are still keeping their hopes high and wish them luck against the Kings. Go Flames Go.

  4. Hello RO – I am not sure if my comments would be considered discrimination; but is it possible to limit Calgary Flames fans only to write on this website?? It is certainly disconcerting when people use our website to abuse commentors and this should be disallowed….

  5. Admittedly there must be more than a dozen Dallas fans because quite a few are posting here :P Or maybe it’s cause there are so few Stars blogs they have to troll elsewhere :P

  6. I apologize for the misconception, RO because my comments were not targetted at you. Apparently, I noticed how fans (opponent fans) insinuate one another and use abusive language.
    Hence, instead of the Flamesforum being the sole intent of commenting on the Flames’ performance, it has of late been an abusive column between fans. Subsequently, would it be feasible to screen them before posting them onto the Flames website?

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