Will Feaster Blow it Up?

The worst lead in hockey is any lead the Flames have. After the GM went public with his displeasure with the non-existent intensity in Calgary’s game the team responded with much of the same, if not worse. Threatening whole sale changes in the midst of playoff run, Jay Feaster seemed ready to pull the trigger if Calgary didn’t fix their game. They haven’t. Will he stay true to his word?

Offensively, Matt Stajan is the #1 threat. But before he got going the Flames were gift wrapped 3 goals. That’s a 3-0 lead squandered. Worse than Pheonix two nights ago. MIA was the top line yet again. Curtis Glencross is not the answer coming back from injury. Things are so bad (getting worse) Calgary couldn’t even muster 22 shts on goal thru 3 periods. Philly shot 45.

Blowing leads, getting worse on D, and finally crapping the bed in a shootout, all recipes for disaster.

Sure, it didn’t help that the refs inexplicably gift wrapped the tying Flyer goal late in the third period, but let’s be honest, Calgary was terrible yet again. The top line usually scores, when they don’t, we lose. Iginla is nowhere to be seen. But not only that, the line is a defensive liability (and usually pitted against opposition top lines themselves).

Now, the Flames are still in the hunt, but all the other teams are hot or have improved dramatically. Calgary, well the past 5 games going into the stretch run have been their worse.

The next two days will be VERY interesting indeed.

Are the Flames playing their worst hockey of the season? Have your say.