Surprisingly Montreal came into Calgary the worst team in the league–and the Flames barely beat them. Things aren’t looking good. Jackman out with an injury (not that he was a goal scoring machine), so that essentially means two full lines from the AHL come Friday when the Jets come to town. Should be a great game, but one that the Flames are going to hard pressed to win given the rash of injuries.

Jarome Iginla lead the way for the Flames powering his way to two goals. Matt Stajan on the top line C and looked OK. The second line also contributed scoring, but as per usual, lines 3 and 4 did not. Sure, that’s what we can expect coming down the stretch, but we do have a health defensive corps, and they squandered leads.

The second period was another near killer period for the Flames, it seems as though any lead they have is one that’s dangerous–the team plays differently when holding the lead….

By my count Flames can only lose 4 more games in the final 15. Tough sledding for sure, especially given everyone around them are winning too.