Curtis Glencross and Mikael Backlund will be having nightmares of Ray Emery robbing them from point blank and from the GAPING open nets they flat out missed. Yes, the league leading Blackhawks had NO business winning this game let alone competing. Calgary should’ve won 7-2 but alas, that’s not how things turned out.

No. The drive in this team doesn’t last for 60 minutes. Even with a stellar final frame, pulling ahead with a mere 50 seconds, they couldn’t hold on. Chicago tied it with seconds left in the game and then took it in a shootout when Emery continued to shine.

This game was a pure example of how a winning franchise/hockey club finds ways to win games, vs a loser franchise that’s now the worst team in the NHL and will probably stay there for the entire season.

Despite what coaches or players may say, it’s utterly irrelevant how many ‘positives’ they take out of this game. Yes, there were plenty, but outside of actually WINNING games positives aren’t worth a damn. Good riddance Flames, the only thing fans care about is winning and you can’t string two together.