The point of games in hand is to win games in hand. The MO for the Calgary Flames is to squander every opportunity. What was supposed to change in the new coaching regime — consistency — appears to be a moot point. It seems, finally, cats out of the bag: there’s not other way to explain inconsistent and pathetic hockey other than the players.

After an offensive explosion in the previous game, the Flames used up all their mojo it would seem. Not going to dissect this one, but here are some keys to the loss:

  • Leland Irving was terrible. He’s always been terrible. His new name should be ‘Sucker’. The book on Iriving is make one soft deke any direction and watch him bite HARD.
  • TJ Brodie. Without a doubt he’s weak offensively. Yes, chalk it up to his relative NHL pedigree, but he could’ve made the game 2-1 but instead wristed a soft shot into a gaping open net and made the St Louis goalie look like Kiprusoff. St Louis scored minutes later to make it 3-0.
  • Jarome Iginla. Non-existent yet again.
  • Denis Wideman. He was doing so well DEFENSIVELY but crapped the bed tonight. Terrible pairing with him and Brodie.
  • Flames management. Cause they can’t run a team, find a centerman better than Stajan, nor find a competent backup for 10 years

This isn’t to say the Flames didint’ have chances, but who cares. Chances don’t win games. If you can’t score and your best forward is Blake Comeau, it’s appalling hockey.

Squandered chance to make up some ground. Sunday – Monday back to back games could make or break this season. Lots to ‘get together’ by then, but let’s face it, this team needs a miracle to ‘come together’.

Notes: Rest assured, Irving’s time is done after this season. There’s little upside, not sure why the Flames brass are so high on him.