After a great performance last night versus Dallas the Flames put in another stinker. Every other game the same thing is observed: Despite a change of the coaching staff the Calgary Flames are not a consistent hockey club.

That means the finger points straight to the players lead by the non-existent captain. Granted, there’s no natural centerman to speak of on this club, but when Matt Stajan is consistently your best player, you know something is wrong.

Danny Taylor made his debut tonight, and as Flames fans were hoping they’d get something better than Irving, they really got Irving 2.0. Tough to really measure Taylor tonight, but he was the cause of 3 goals so you can’t really put your stock in him. 45 seconds in he mishandled the puck and the Flames pretty much folded the tent there.

Calgary is a sub .500 team yet again, can’t find consistency, and frustrates fans to no end. LA in town Wednesday. Don’t expect any huge changes, the question will be which Flames club will show up?