Calgary continues their torrid pace to the bottom of the league, which at this point means a first round draft pick (they they’ll no doubt squander on some unknown college kid). Playing Vancouver for the second time in 3 games was much of the same. Calgary dominating despite playing half their AHL club, and Vancouver pulling it out in the end.

For Flames fans they don’t really expect a win, so a loss is good in a sense. For Vancouver fans, they’ll enjoy the win, but the simple fact remains if Vancouver is consistently outworked and dominated for 52 minutes by Calgary’s AHL squad, they’ll at BEST make a second round playoff performance. THat’s a guarantee.

Calgary’s only bright spots, with the numerous AHLers playing for a looksie for next year, was probably Ranheim. The rest including Horak, Barrtschi, Carson, Jones, they were unassuming. So there’s somewhat, kind of, sorta, hope for next season….and by next season I mean 2017.