Well lots going around Flames-land, most notable of course being the loss of significant portions of Saddledome memorabilia. We’re talking 1989 and more. The loss of history won’t be fully known till the Flames release that information, but all that said and done, the water covered the entire first 10 years (higher than players heads if they were on the ice). Most of the brains of the organization was on the bottom level too….

Iginla didn’t choose wrong after all, Boston had a great rally but Chicago won the Cup.

Kipper is apparently ‘done for good’ as in retired from NHL. The Finnish national team released the news, Calgary has yet to release anything official. Columbus wants to coax him out of retirement. He’s probably done like he said though.

That leaves draft day. Will the Flames find a trade to go top 3? That’s a franchise player if they can swing it, but stocking the cupboards with great prospects isn’t a bad deal either, unless you draft very poorly…. In the past 5 years FLames have done relatively OK (anything after Sutter). No franchise player yet though….