By now news from Flames camp has hit most flood ravaged Flames fans (and those high and dry). The FLames shipping their only notable offensive player with games under his belt for a ‘used to be a 20 goal scorer’ in David Jones. Sarich for O’Brien a clear win, but apart from age what is FLames management thinking?

Calgary ADDS salary and loses skill. They shed age, but lose veteran presence. Sure, Tanguay wouldv’e been around for pretty much no successful years. But ultimately, Feaster and co. have a habit of adding players that had one good season a few years ago in hopes they can translate success. Blake Comeau anybody? Roman Cervenka? How about Kari Ramo?????? I do’nt like the way this rebuild is going….

THis is a marginal loss for the Flames. Not that keeping both players would’ve been a win either….