The new NHL season is upon us, a full 82 game slate to entertain local fans. 48 home games with each NHL team on the schedule will make for an interesting season. What everyone is talking about is three-fold:

1) Who will be captain (since there’s not much contention talk going on, you have to fill it with something). Some say Glencross, but most say Giordano.

2) Who will start in goal? Ramo? Berra? MacDonald?

3) How low will the Flames go? 30th or 29th?

Flames fans probably don’t want to admit how bad this year will be so the mention of 30th is a tough pill to swallow. It does mean the chance to draft #1 (and that franchise player) but it also means a tough couple years (with a chance to come out like a Pittsburgh or Boston if management does this right.

Playoffs seem out of the question, so excitement and compete levels are the name of the game. Saturday fans will get their first peak as the pre-season tilts begin with simultaneous games vs the Oilers.