The Calgary Flames dominated the Toronto Maple Leafs outshooting their opponents 44-22. The reason the Flames lost, untimely giveaways and running into a brick wall in Jon Bernier.

What was unusual about this game was the sheer number of Leaf fans. Usually you get a good bunch out, but with more tickets available with a rebuilding team ex-Torontonians filled the seats.

There are two reasons why this is (Toronto being the leading fanbase that can fill other Canadian team’s seats):

1) There are no jobs in Toronto and/or the jobs in YYC pay more, and

2) Connected to 1, Toronto is a terrible place to live (so I hear). From their mayor all the way down to their hockey team (unusually winning this past year, a change from the past 40), everyone leaves Toronto for greener pastures anywhere else in Canada.

So there you have it, Leaf fans, the NHL equivalent to hillbilly Rider fans :).