We knew there’d be growing pains, but wow, the Calgary Flames put up a horrific night. The worse part about the debacle? Not just one part, but many, like these:

1) The best we can do on the fourth line is put talent of Backlund with McGrattan and Jackman. If you put goons in the lineup they should at least stir things up. They never do/did.
2) WTF Joe Colborne? Why is this guy so terrible. Toronto dumped his lazy ass for a reason. He’s nothing on the ice but a big body. This has Brian Burke written all over it. He needs to sit or go away. Doesn’t hit, doesn’t skate, and can’t win draws. Why is he on the team?
3) Where was the D? Butler -4.

Two games in a row the Flames were thouroughly dominated. The worse part I’ll share now. The point of trading Iginla and the ‘deadweight’ was to improve the effort and compete level. There was none of that tonight, in fact for the past few games. It’s the SAME OLD FLAMES. That part is what sucks the most. And to think fans paid money for this garbage.