Don’t post many updates because a) the Flames suck, b) they aren’t playing entertaining hockey. That changed on national coverage in Vancouver. A team with Cup aspirations barely squeaked out a victory in a shoot-out. But first, some context.

Vancouver’s coming off a 9-1 beatdown courtesy of Anaheim. They are looking to deflect attention and respond on the ice. Tortorella knows this and will play the game of deflecting attention.

Now for some key points to the puck drop and good ol fashion pointless brawl beatdown.

Moronic Tortorella Should Face Fines

1) The visiting team fields the starting lineup and the hometeam gets to take a look and respond. Tortorella responded with his own goon line and then proceeded to pretend like he was shocked when things started going South.

2) Kevin Bieska played the whole ‘I’m a man card’ by replacing the starting C Kevin Lain. Tortorella put him there to get beat up we can only guess. Bieska comes in to take the opening face-off but in true Canuck turtle fashion he doesn’t fight! Fair enough, don’t fight Westgarth, but then he goes ahead and jumps Ladislav Smid. *Clap clap* Bieska.

3) In a hilarious turn of events Mcgrattan, after beating on Siesto, both are the only players not ejected which meant all other 8 players were. That’s two sets of D men on each side.

4) To compound matters Tortorella at the end of the period confronts the ENTIRE Flames team in the runway to the dressing room. The replays show a calm McGrattan looking bewildered as the little Italian tried his best to turn the NHL further into a bush league. Expect the NHL to levy massive fines.

5) Calgary may have had the conditioning in this game but they, as always, don’t have the skill to compete or close. The game went to a shoot-out, and let’s face it, it was exciting through and through for the whole game, but to drop it because nobody can score was a lame finish, but expected.

Notes: Calgary visits Hongcouver two more times this season which should make things interesting. Dennis Wideman played a career high 38 minutes! Kris Russel is expected to return possibly Monday against SJ.