Buddy rang me up at ten to 4 and said he had box seats for the game. I actually sat and thought for a moment. Did I want to watch the Flames lose yet again. Sure, they’ve been on a bit of a run, but I wasn’t thinking if they’d lose, but rather, by how much.

But hey, box seats are box seats and I had nothing to do other than to catch up on some Sunday TV on the PVR. I’d be watching the game, albeit in FFWD, anyways so off I went.

I was pleasantly surprised. Apart from the parking ticket I got from my ‘secret’ parking spot a block away from the ‘Dome, the evening was entertaining complete with free beer and, get this, a Flames win against the Stanley Cup Champs in over-time no less.

Reto Berra got a start after filling in for a shaky Ramo last game vs. Nashville. Berra wasn’t necessarily shaky, but his fundamentals are still in question. For every 2 amazing saves he makes he’ll make 1 major gaff. Tonight, same thing. Out of position on goal one. Complete flub on goal 3. Great save on goal 4 but rebound control was an issue.

Ramo replaced him in the third and took the Flames the rest of the way, Chicago didn’t press in the third which was surprising.

Usually you can expect the Flames to put up a fight, but the difference every game is talent, Chicago having plenty of it. It was evident today, but thankfully the backup netminder for Chicago let in a bunch of weak goals to give the Flames a chance.

Stajan scores on a pretty 2v1. Backlund with not one, but two, including a short-hander. His game has finally elevated. And the OT hero, TJ Brodie brining it home.

The line combos seem to be clicking as the Flames are finding ways to score. Whether they can keep it up and achieve that elusive ‘consistency’ is another question. 3 in a row, SJ next on Thursday. We’ll see….