The longest rebuild in NHL history will continue as the league’s hapless Edmonton Oilers continue to look for answers despite being given #1 draft pick after #1 pick for what seems like a decade. You do’nt build Championship teams by stacking your top two lines with gifts forwards. You need great goaltending and great defence as well. Edmonton got neither tonight.

Calgary was playing their second game in as many nights and looked to pick up their first win of the season after last night’s loss to Vancouver. Some pre-game changes, all of which fans called for. Here are some post-game thoughts.

– Mcgrattan sits with no hired goon on the Edmonton roster. That should be a regular occurrence. I expect the same for St Louis Saturday. David Jones in for him, but we can expect him to sit (that guy is collecting 3 million to do nothing) for Setoguchi come Saturday. Wideman out (that guy is collecting 5.4 million to do little) for Diaz. Can’t see Diaz playing on Saturday though.

– Mason Raymond with 3 solid goals. Hopefully he isn’t going to get all the goals out of the system too early. Colbourne played a great game, wasn’t so bad last night.

– For two periods the Flames were badly outplayed which looked a bit like last night’s game vs. Vancouver. A 60 minute effort still eludes the club.

– Bollig, for what it’s worth, doesn’t look good out there. Backlund for his part is also looking like crappy Backlund of old and not ‘revitalized’ Backlund we want to see.

– Kari Ramo in net and he was SOLID. The Flames have two great goalies and they are going to steal games this year.

– Edmonton sucks. That is all.