If you want an idea of how far away the Flames are from being a good team then look no further than this game. Every facet of the game was St Louis. There was no single time in this game that Calgary had control. Top to bottom the team was manhandled.

Although this is only game three, you get the sense this season will be a hot and cold season to watch. .500 hockey is good I guess, but there’s a missing spark that should propel this team to at least compete for 60 minutes rather than fall behind from the get go. It’s somewhat surprising to see the team take night’s off in terms of effort, that’s not a Hartley style. I surmise there will be a better showing come Tuesday.

Some more thoughts.

Hudler out which mean Setoguchi in (david jones out too but nobody cares.) He’s one person, but on a team with the least skill, any bit helps.

Hiller in net, he was lit up for 4. Can’t say any were his fault. Defence was taking for a ride, didn’t help that forwards were constantly being beat to pucks. Wideman back in and he was on the PP. As a right hand shot I don’t mid that.

No real response to St Louis’ tone until it was already 4-0. You gotta fight toughness with your own but Calgary didn’t step up when it mattered. When your most consistent players is Paul Byron at 5 foot 7, you’re in for a long night.

Special teams are already a sore thumb for the team. I’m a fan of having a special teams coach, maybe one of the Flames’ assistants is that, but man, this team just can’t get anything going on the man advantage.

Still waiting for Backlund to show up. He’s pretty much deadweight, along with the likes of Bollig and McGrattan.