Calgary had a chance to prove they were a playoff caliber team, even an 8th place team, but still, but they showed they’re the same old tired Flames.

A couple of moments where you thought they’d get in close and score (Byron breakaway), but ultimately they never threatened the entire game.

Here’s why the Flames lost and they won’t make the playoffs.

– Giordano coughed up the puck all night. He was off and the team lost because of his giveaways. Rare but still.

– Lance freaking Bouma on the second line for the FLames. He’s at best a fourth line plug and penalty kill specialist. I get the ‘always earned never given’ mantra touted by the coaching staff, but it’s not true. The mantra is selective. How do we know?

– Bollig continues to play but he’s worthless (Treviling legacy there). Byron somehow still gets a regular shift but hasn’t scored in 28 games. Baertschi sits in the box, and oh ya, BOUMA ON THE SECOND LINE.

Nothing needs to be said, the Flames lose till they stop this nonsense.