Calgary Beats Edmonton Yet Again.

It must be brutal being an Edmonton Oilers fan. The team had a two goal third period lead, but as we all know by now, third periods are a kind of specialty for the Flames. Four unanswered third period goals and you have a league leading 34 third period goals and 9th come from behind third period win. Also it ensure Calgary adds some points in the hotly contested playoff race.

What can’t be ignore in this game is the lineup, and how Hartley continues to insist on playing players who aren’t contributing.

– The new first line at times contains Lance Bouma. That’s LANCE BOUMA on the first or second line (depending on how you count it). I mean, a good Bouma can get by on the third line, but the experiment with him on anything higher means the likes of Baertschi sit in the pressbox. Of course, after saying all this he gets two third period goals.

– Backlund largely quiet all night but factors hugely in the comeback.

– Raymond with a goal, how about that? First in 12 games I believe.

– David Wolf was the talk of the town, first NHL game in his career. His journey took him all the way from Germany. He left the game after his first third period shift with a knee sprain. Hope he’s back soon because he’s a big body and shows better promise than dud Bollig.

– Bollig played again FYI. This makes no sense. Seems as though management wants to keep him around? He’s a bad signing, just face it. His first period fight was terrible. Engelland at least stands up to heavyweights.

– Paul Byron. No goals in 26 games. Still playing games…. With Baertschi sitting this makes no sense wathsoever. Hudler being ill meant he played, but still, why bring up Baertschi and not play him???? Senseless.

– Glencross and Hudler are back soon. Hopefully that means Bouma to the 4th and Bollig sits (and Byron). Also would mean Wolf or Baertschi go down. What a waste. Also a waste? Bollig’s contract. 18 seconds of ice time in the thrid period and the Flames come from behind and win.

– Calgary can only control their game, if they learn to pick up first period play then they may squeak by. Can’t rely on third period heroics forever….

– PS, Edmonton is just TERRIBLE.