Who do thought that at the beginning of the season come beginning of February the Calgary Flames would be sent in second and the Pacific division? Not I, not the pundits, not nobody. What do you think about it this lineup lacks the superstar, doesn’t have a prolific score, how’s it completely abysmal bottom to pairing, Yet they continue to find ways to win. The biggest reason why? Probably the value and power of ‘team’. This team believes in itself, their leaders are leading, there top defensive pair are unbelievable, and their young guys are over performing. Will this translate to a playoff spot? The Western Conference is so tight it’s too soon to tell. There are 31 games remaining in season so it’s anybody’s game. But for now the Calgary Flames continued to win and the fans will continue to believe.

Here are some post game thoughts:

– A quiet Wednesday night crowd at the ‘Dome.

– With the win tonight Calgary actually jumps over the teams they beat. That’s not something we’re used to hearing about this franchise.

– Hiller solid night in net. Colbourne with good minutes. Russell with his first goal of the season and a ton of blocked shots.

– Raymon, Hudler, and Russell with the goals.

– Calgary faces Pittsburgh on Friday. We’ll see how they handle Sid.

– rather than sitting at the bottom of the conference the flames are giving management a tough decision here. If they continue to challenge for a playoff spot then maybe deadweight like Engelland will be relegated to 8th D man duty and someone else will be brought in. We can only hope.