There haven’t been many wins against the Canucks over the years, but every single one is glorious. Beating the most hated franchise in any professional sport is pure bliss.

A solid win for the good guys in a Pacific Division rivalry. Calgary and Vancouver are now dead even in the standings. With the win the Flames continue their dominance over Pacific division rivals, which will play really well in the stretch run. Can’t stop now, despite all the winning, everyone ELSE is winning a lot as well.

Everyone is waiting for the Flames to fizzle out because we’re not used to a winning team. The fact is playoff teams win a TON of games–it’s an expectation, a norm if you will.

HEre are some post-game thoughts:

– Sean Monahan with a two goal performance. He’s an absolute beast who is only getting better as the season progresses. That’s now 22 goals on the season. He’s only 20 years old by the way.

– Lance Bouma with the eventual game winner, which is surprising, the scoring part. I’m still amiss with how he’s producing offensively. We know he’s a great defensive player, but he’s scoring right now. Credit his linemates in Backlund and Jones for shutting down Vancouver’s top line.

– Ramo in net tonight. He had one bad goal and then found his game. He’s still sitting at a solid 1B in terms of ranking. He’ll likely get the next start as well.

– Giordano was taking over at times defensively, but he and Brodie got caught for the tying goal in the second.

– Engelland was still the weakest link, which makes you wonder when will the Flames bring in defensive help?

– Bollig and Wolf sitting. Byron and Jooris in.

– Nothing but games coming up Flames, hang on to your hats as this one is going down to the wire.