There was a time when the Calgary Flames used to dominate the Edmonton Oilers in the battle of Alberta. That time was the past 10 years if not more. But over the past 10 years Edmonton has been gifted first round draft pick after first round draft pick, and although messing it up for nearly a decade has made the organization and the laughing stock in the league, they are getting better. As for the Calgary Flames, they’re getting worse.

Here are the post game vignettes.


  • Jonas Hiller  in net and although he made some stellar same, the goalies are part of the problem and having three of them doesn’t help.
  • The talk was the lack of secondary scoring, but the first line hasn’t produced points in two games. When David Jones amounts to your offence year is huge trouble.
  • Sam Bennett wasn’t in the lineup which is a huge loss because the team simply can’t generate any offense whatsoever
  • Mark Giordano is playing probably his worst hockey in the Flames uniform ever.
  • It doesn’t help that his partner Dougie Hamilton  is also playing some of the worst defense of hockey imaginable. Can’t wait for TJ Brodie to get back.
  • As for the rest of the Calgary Flames, there are missing in action and all sign point to this team being this year’s Colorado avalanche.