No matter how hard they try the Calgary Flames just can’t seem to drop behind the lowly Edmonton Oilers. Calgary is teetering on last place in the NHL, but right now they sit 29th place just ahead of Edmonton who are on yet another quest of the number one draft pick.

Whenever when wants to know is what’s wrong with this year’s edition? The demonstrable decline has perplexed everyone. This year’s Calgary Flames should’ve been last year’s edition. This team was supposed to be better. But they’re not.

Top to bottom they’re problems. Goaltending has been an issue despite the same tandem, albeit management’s debacle carrying a third goalie to start the season. The defense has been no less than terrible. Again only one change, and upgrade, but the veterans are dragging their skates. Giordano is mediocre at best. Wideman is a bust. Russel can’t play D.

Upfront the rookies are doing their thing, but even the likes of MOnahan, and Hudler, are all struggling to produce at last year’s clip.

That comes down to the system in the effort. Last year the third period comeback kids we’re always a pleasure to watch. This year, they’ve been boring and their inability to control puck possession it Is even more evident as teams slaughter them.

Then we get an interesting game like last night’s against Dallas. How can a team within a single game play at two complete extremes?

The first. Calgary Flames were terrible. starting at puck drop they were dominated and it wasn’t for poor execution on Dallas’ part they would have been down a lot early. In a second here they seem to an weather the storm but we’re still down three nothing. That’s something we haven’t seen all season. The third period was the strongest and the comeback began. The Flames were absolutely dominant and scored three third-period goals and eventually took the two points after winning in a shootout.

Two completely different teams in the same game. Question now is which team is going to show up Friday against the Boston Bruins? The third period Calgary flames we saw can win games. And that’s the kind of team that is going to be required in order to make a run to at least compete are a playoff spot by the time Christmas rolls around.

The first period Calgary Flames? If that team want to stick around then they can be sure everyone will lose interest in them by the time the New Year enters. By that time it will be a process to jettison off the excess baggage, at this point there’re very few who are safe.